Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Reach for the sky my ass.

This really made my day when I got home.

[GervynMoh] a mixture of grey and green says:
hahaha no no
[GervynMoh] a mixture of grey and green says:
1) brothers
2) woman
[GervynMoh] a mixture of grey and green says:
[GervynMoh] a mixture of grey and green says:
you guys are coming. period.


{Rotten Apples} Solivagus - boy meets girl boy kisses girl boy shoots girl girl dies. says:
burn for me pls?
.......... says:
.......... says:
i can
{Rotten Apples} Solivagus - boy meets girl boy kisses girl boy shoots girl girl dies. says:
thank youuuuuuuuuuu
.......... says:
not say no rite
.......... says:
coz i love you wat


After such a rotten week, it was such pleasure reading these few simple lines.

So it's true, the higher you climb, the further you fall, the harder you hit the floor.

Let me down now please. I'm afraid of heights.


I never knew how much it would hurt until I finally opened up to a close friend of mine.

This is the closest I've ever been to breaking down in front of someone.

But it felt really good to finally be able to tell somebody.

Thank you Cherie, thank you very very much.

Tuesday, June 28, 2005


I wish I could feel less guilty about stuff. >.<

I feel extremely down lately, but I shall refrain from elaborating, in hopes that it'll go away. It most probably won't but I sure can hell try!

Someday when this is all over, I hope my last memory will be driving around the streets of Singapore in my van, yellow lights from the lamps illuminating the road, with the guys at the back singing to Lost Prophet's Last Summer.

As the nights grow colder, my heart feels warmer, every single fucking time.

God bless ya'll.

The Friday sun bears down again
As we drive with our friends
And on these longest days we spend
All the time trying to pretend
That our stories could be true
Our chance to be cool
The setting sunset says the day is through
If only we knew...
And we all sit around here in our home town Listen to the waves as they all crash down
And watch the fire as it slowly burns away
Glowing embers fly across the sky

Here by my side, in my summer, our last summer
The world passes by in my summer, our last summer
The light makes shadows fall, surrounded by each other
Alive to watch it all, the view from our last summer
The view from our last summer...

We trace the sun across the sky
And we laugh till we cry
Always so hard to say goodbye (good bye)
And we all sit round here in our home town
It's so good like this, these are times we'll miss
The memories, I hope they'll never fade
Glowing embers lie across the sky

Here by my side, in my summer, our last summer
The world passes by in my summer, our last summer
The light makes shadows fall, surrounded by each other

Alive to watch it all, the view through our last summer
The view from our last summer...

I would stop time to stay with you
I would stop time so we don't move
I would stop time
I would stop time
I would stop time to keep you

Here by my side, in my summer, our last summer
The world passes by in my summer, our last summer
The light makes shadows fall, surrounded by each other
Alive to watch it all, the view from our last summer

Lost Prophets - Last Summer

Seldom do I say this but,

Oh God I love my friends.

Thank you all.

Sunday, June 26, 2005

Drugs, guns, and money.

In times of stress I always tell myself,

if all else fails, I can always be a drug lord.


Just received a really stupid email stating the obvious from someone in school. But since we're officially not allowed to say anything on our blogs about anyone in school,

I have decided to tell the whole world,

that I feel like shitting.

Mhmmm... Shit.

Thursday, June 23, 2005

Mr Overrated.

I can't say what I want to say.

But I feel extremely frustrated and misunderstood.

I'm fucking overrated la. Go away. Don't bother me with your questions anymore. I can't answer anymore stuff.

How to when I can't even handle my own life?

I feel uhm, sucky :(

Monday, June 20, 2005

Iro Bot

Mental note to self: watch hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy.

No more lame batman bullshit.

Sunday, June 19, 2005

Sarong Party Girl

I totally missed the Sarong Party Girl nude fiasco in the papers. Which is really kinda sad coz I was and still am an avid SPG reader. While I dislike the fact that she prefers caucasian men over chinese men, at least she writes intelligently and with verve, unlike other retarded popular bloggers like xiax..ahem ahem.

Sorry, had a bit of a cyber cough.

Anyway, I think there's absolutely nothing wrong with her posting nude pictures of herself on her blog. I happen to believe in the theory that the only reason why Singaporeans are so addicted to blogging and chatting and whatever, is because the internet gives an illusion of safety and privacy.

Privacy? Yeah. Because whatever you do on the internet, you're hidden behind a moniker and an ip address. Never mind that you can be traced easily by the authorities if you happen to piss them off, people tend to want to forget this little fact. In the Draconian society we call singaporean society, free speech is well, not really free.

Which is why when we get onto the internet we go all nuts for the internet has virtually, (pardon the pun), no rules, unless of course you get traced.

But then again in reality, you can do anything as long as you get caught.

I think I just argued myself into a corner.

Hahaha. Lovely.

But anyway, what's wrong with the SPG for posing nude on her site? So it's okay for people like Dick Chan to peek underskirts and write all about it on his blog but it's not okay for SPG to publish a little risque material on herself? Shame on the Straits Times for their insistence to publish that article. It's shameful that our national paper has to resort to such a step in order to get people to read.

No, her parents didn't not bring her up well. I would say a person should stand for what she/he had done her/himself instead of blaming the parents. Even if her parents did do something about it, like making her wear a chastity belt, I would bet a billion dollars (if I actually had that sum) that she would go ahead and do the same thing. Can you blame the parents then?

Honestly, I still cannot figure out what's wrong with her baring all on the internet. Internet pornography is so rampant and nobody does anything but once a Singporean goes softcore, woooo shit hits the fan.

I live in such a hypocritical society. Yeah, that's right. Turn a blind eye to geylang, changi village, and desker and let's all gasp at the audacity of this girl who dared to expose herself to the world.

Bah, Singaporeans.

Saturday, June 18, 2005

I forgot.

One great thing about me and my memory is that I tend to forget how people look like if I don't see them around for a couple of weeks.

Which is great.

And if I forgot how they look like, I tend not to think about them. Which is awesome, coz I can forget the past mistakes I did.


I forgot how you look like.

Friday, June 17, 2005


Birthday by Bertrand Lee was seriously something.

I love ittttttt haha. Really smart dialogue and the shots were awesome.

Honestly, he had my sympathy vote before I saw Birthday but after that, he's just got my vote. Period.

In my opinion, it wasn't really a very good representation of Singaporean films, in fact, it was more WKWish in some parts. But doesn't matter to me, t'was an extremely enjoyable film.

I've got a bit more of an idea of what good lighting looks like after I watched that.

That and Rain.

Those of you that didn't come, really missed out.


I'm feeling highly strung up these days. Tension tension and more tension. It's not that I don't like to hang out or just chill with some people but really, my schedule is packed with work, work, and more work. I wish people would understand why I've got to give up my earlier commitments for my schoolwork.

It's just that school has never been so intense for me before. I've never played at this level before. I can't say I'm loving it but my time is occupied and I'm happy. I was never happier working with another crew than my specialist crew coz they're just awesome people to work with. For now anyway, don't know what'll happen in the future.

I'm really sorry I can't keep up with you guys but I just want to drown myself in my work for maybe a year. It's tiring but it's satisfying.

And it's what I crave for.


......... says:

......... says:
thi si the] handsomw club

......... says:
now here is the hunk club

{Rotten Apples} Solivagus - like stupid. says:

{Rotten Apples} Solivagus - like stupid. says:

......... says:

{Rotten Apples} Solivagus - like stupid. says:

{Rotten Apples} Solivagus - like stupid. says:

{Rotten Apples} Solivagus - like stupid. says:
......... says:
can faint

{Rotten Apples} Solivagus - like stupid. says:

{Rotten Apples} Solivagus - like stupid. says:
wah this one

{Rotten Apples} Solivagus - like stupid. says:
androgyny sial

......... says:
wat the hell happen to these ppl

......... says:
wat is going through their mind

{Rotten Apples} Solivagus - like stupid. says:

{Rotten Apples} Solivagus - like stupid. says:

auralorgasm:: Pennywise - Alien

I was listening to this just a few years ago?

Can't believe it.

Thursday, June 16, 2005

Good news: Slipknot's coming to Singapore, August 16th.

Bad news: They think we're located in China.


No matter how much of a metropolis Singapore is, we'll always be known as part of China roflmao.

Which is really kind of sad.

Wednesday, June 15, 2005





I've got no bloody time for your bullshit.

Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Latest News.

So Michael Jackson has been cleared of his charges, Mike Tyson's retiring from the ring (finally) and Iraq is still having those damned internal bomb threats.

Firstly, I'm happy that MJ's cleared. Don't ask me why. I just am. Read the news and my heart just lifted. Who knows, he may be guilty after all but hey, it's not for me to judge. Guilty till proven innocent I say. If they proved him to be innocent, then so be it. I'm glad. No more media frenzy heh heh.

Mike Tyson's retirement surprised me. Also made me think. In our parents' hey day, it was Mr Ali. Now it's Mike in ours. One's retired, the other's retiring. What does this signify? The end of an era and the start of another of course! Time passes fast, and you're probably gonna die sooner than you know it.

Personally I feel I've got nothing to look forward to but deaths in the family and of those around me.With my grandma lying in the hospital, I'm possessed with an urge to strike out against this fear of dying.

This fear of the unknown perhaps.

I'll probably never learn to look death straight in the eye but I think I can learn to understand this better. Maybe then, this fear will go away.

As with many other fears.

Monday, June 13, 2005

Great Fun Socks!

If there ever was a song title that seemed so much fun, this would be it.

auralorgasm:: Fading Face - Great Fun Socks!

"Her lips were purple and her eyes were green,
and her skin tastes just like ice cream.

The artiste is weird, it's just a guy with an acoustic singing anyhow but the tune's like WOOHOOOOO hear already also happening. The way the guy sings also power, anyhow whack only. Damn fun!


Jesus!d *edit

13. Jesus

Nice guy, with good ideas. Often called "Jeebus" in jest. Stressed kindness and forgiveness towards others, and leading an all-around good, virtuous life. One of the most interesting philosophical thinkers in history, and certainly one of the most quoted. Also, as seen on, he's apparently a lot of people's homeboys.

I'm not sure if he necessarily wanted his followers to condemn other faiths, or tell people that "If you don't believe in God, you'll burn in Hell, and I don't want that, so please please please believe in God", as in the case of "Read the bible and learn" who posted an earlier definition. He preached of mankind's free will, so I don't think he wanted that being taken away from us...
Anyways, he was a man who lived a truly moral and virtuous life. Christians see him as a god, non-Christians either see him as a prophet or a moral person who lived a good life, stoners see him...all the time... and UD Christians see him as a "homeboy"

Sweet Zombie Jesus!
Holy Monkey Jeebus!

Source: Atticus, Apr 23, 2005

The people at surely have some weird definitions of Jesus.

But most of them agree that he's the coolest guy that ever lived.

Now thats a Jedi.

*edit: Just as a control, I checked out the words Buddha and Allah. This is what happened.

6. Buddha
Marijuana, pot, weed, trees, herb.
Go get that blunt and lets blaze this buddha
Source: resk, Mar 1, 2005

1. Allah
the exclusive god of the islamic faith
Muslims around the world show their loyalty and respect to Allah by following the Five Pillars.

There were only 14 definitions of Buddha and only 4 of Allah, of which only one is blasphemous.

Compare this to Jesus and we have a reallyyyyy huge contrast, for Jesus has no less than 89 definitions.

At least half of them blasphemous.


Sunday, June 12, 2005

Yummy yummy yummy, you're in my tummy.

My brain's on hold these few days. Can't seem to do anything right, and that's if I can even do anything at all. The most I can do is stone at home and game.

Yeah, gaming. I lead such an exciting and enriching life.

Food tastes plain and bland, and the scripts read like dry bread. I'm past that stage of panic already. More into the 'aiya whatever lah. got thing do, nothing to do, slack' stage.

It hit me today that I missed my motor theory lesson and that I would have no more chance to go for lessons to prep for my test on next monday. I realised today that the lesson was on last tuesday. How perfectly brilliant. See how school can scramble your brains so much?

I saw someone skid and fall down in the practice circuit the other day. I hope I'll be brave enough to skid and fall the next time I go for lesson.

Cheers to falling down!

Friday, June 10, 2005


Green will be enlisting in a few hour's time.

Goodbye to you my brother and friend.

Goodbye for only 2 weeks so you don't need drama-mama all like you going to war like that lah. Basket I go Cambodia 3 weeks also not as emo as you lol.

You just chill and take care inside. Watch out for motherfuckers and guailan people.

You get what I mean.

Don't do anything I wouldn't do.

Yeah, this is your goodbye.

For now.

See you in 2 weeks.

We'll be waiting.

Wednesday, June 08, 2005

She said...

What the hell was that for seriously. I'm happy not knowing about you and your life. You existed once, no more now. And now you suddenly pop up and go all friendly on me? I don't take too kindly to people rubbing my face in the dirt.

Especially you. You have no right to.

No, don't apologise. Just go away. Go far far away. I don't want to know about you, about your life, about whatever. Far away, yeah, that's where you should be.

And as the day changes to night, it gets progressively worse.

DVD Authoring.

So I'm sitting here in DVD authoring class after 2 hours of sleep after one night of drinking.

I'm stilll trying to figure out how I got to school.

Pretty busy these days. Which is pretty good I guess. Keeps my mind off certain issues and of a certain species of the human race. I hardly know what's going on these days. Time flies by quick if you have deadlines to meet and meetings to attend. Real quick.

I would get an organiser but I keep forgetting to get one.

Going broke too. Shite.

Ah lazy already.

Monday, June 06, 2005

The Bertrand Lee Appeal.

Here and here.

Help if you can. If you can't, at least come for the screening. If you got no time, then transfer money. If no money, then too bad.

I won't wanna be in his shoes. It must be the shits.

And you think your life sucks.

Sunday, June 05, 2005

Random Thought no.3940492041030548


Gig was disappointing, sorta.

A Vacant Affair and Sky in Euphoria played just smashingly, sorta.

The second band that played, played stuff along the lines of Mars Volta, At the Drive In and Coheed and Cambria, which was really cool, sorta.

Dunno their name though.

But the whole band can't sing. Sadly.

But the music's so cool that even if they don't sing, it'll be cool.


Gopher Hole Magick.

I've got this awful habit of being late as most of you may know. Really horrible. I'm usually half an hour to one hour late for meetings which I deem unimportant. Still a bad habit nonetheless. Yeah and as I'm typing this post, I've got this horrible feeling that I'm gonna be late again for my 1.30 meeting with HJ.

1.04 now. Hahaha. Die.

My brother posted this one comic as my desktop wallpaper. First box drawn of a gopher with his head out of a hole and a man smiling at it. Second box drawn of the man running towards the gopher with a shotgun. Third square drawn of man putting shotgun into mouth. Fourth square drawn of gopher's stunned face with stuff splattered all over.

I like it lots.

Yeah late again. Hah.


Saturday, June 04, 2005

Hits and more misses.

I haven't said this in a long time but...

Life sucks.

And there's nothing I can do about it.

Friday, June 03, 2005

Food for Thought.

I'm more like my father than I ever thought.

No shit.

Thursday, June 02, 2005

Never ever again.

The last few hours were a nightmare. I never want to relive them ever again.

Will be in Penang for the whole of thursday. Contact me again on friday. Aye.

Every muscle in my body is screaming out for relief.

I need my rest but still have work to do.