Sunday, August 13, 2006

My Name is Alt

Watched Hard Candy and Sophie Scholl: The Final Days yesterday.

Both were fucking good.

The acting is Sophie Scholl is excellent, making it a joy to watch. Good character development was also a plus, and hearing Sophie Scholl arguing her case is soooooooo niceeee.

The only thing was that it was quite slow at some points, but that's about it.

Hard Candy is just psycho. Reminds me a lot of Old Boy, with that whole psycho vengeance thing which you just don't get right up till the end. Motives and reasons weren't really fully revealed, so that kind of pissed me off a little. Personally I recommend everyone watch it, but I don't really like it myself. It's a good film but just not my type.

Next on my list are Adam's Apples and S11 (must support local film!! Plus, it looks good, although I think it'll be similar to Pulp Fiction, judging by the trailers).

I'll be in outfield next week and so won't be booking back out till like 2 weeks later. Fuckingggggggg hell.

Die ah.

Thursday, August 10, 2006


auralorgasm:: The Stiletto Formal - The Mistress and the Matador

I'm like in a half-fucked state of nirvana; with so much lovely songs to listen to, why would I want to go back to hell?

A lot of things are passing me by. I just found out that the lostprophets released Liberation Transmission last month, and I didn't know. Fuckkkkkkk. But anyway, heard two of the tracks and uhm, it's tough to say this but it's not as good as I thought it would be. Why do the tracks sound so poppy-punk? Ahhh. Questions.

fakesoundofprogress was the first and best, not to say that Start Something didn't appeal to me but FSOP was by far one of the the rawest and most original piece of work I've heard. Fantastic.

My eyes are tired but I'm determined to stay awake. I don't care, I plan to fully utilise my time in civilised society, even if it means staying awake and doing absolutely fuckall.

Ahhhh, I can never get tired of Massive Attack's Teardrop. So nice to know that certain songs will always be special to you, no matter the time, the place, the number of times you play them... :)

I revel in schadenfreude.


Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Guns, God, the Government.

auralorgasm:: Marilyn Manson - The Speed of Pain

I'm losing my mind.



"...just remember, when you think you're free,
the crack inside your fucking heart is me..."

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Memories of memories.

auralorgasm:: The Petit Project - guess i gotta guess

I was feeling quite down until I uncovered this little gem stuck somewhere in my computer's hard drive. Wakes up memories of being happy back when I was 14. The Petit Project was my constant companion back then, listening to them whenever I felt like shit and now, 7 years later, it still works.

Hahaha I'm glad they still haven't disbanded. I checked them out on google and it seems like their doing quite well. Yay.

Yeah my hard drive is dead, so I lost almost all the digital photos that I took in Vietnam. Very very fortunately, I used film for some shots so yeah, I've got some surviving photos left. THANK GOD.

Being in the army makes me realise I haven't lost my talent of getting pissed off yet. It's been an awful week and with the dreaded outfield camp the coming week, I see no light winking at me at the end of whichever proverbial tunnel.

Fuckin hell.