Sunday, January 29, 2006

Worlds Apart

auralorgasm:: And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of The Dead - Let it dive

Everyone should congratulate me because I've finally gotten hold of And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of The Dead's Worlds Apart... about a year after its release.

Oh well.

Anyway, a very happy chinese new year to everyone. Personally I feel that there are only two things worth celebrating about it. Angbaos and Yu Sheng. :D

Gosh I love that dish.

I'm still trying to sell my bike. I've got my eye set on this wr2 which costs about 2.5k. By my calculations, I should be able to profit about a hundred bucks from this jig but then again, I've got no affinity with maths so uh I might just fuck up somewhere. Sian.

But anyway, mervyn, here's the official website of the Honda PS250. I think it's a damn cool scooter-like thing. Bad news is, I just realised it's a 250cc bike, which means that only 2a licensed people can ride it. Zzz.

K, out.

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Lazy Legz!


I meant that as both awesome and inspiring.


Seriously, check it out.


auralorgasm:: Starfuck - Inches

Yep, people are fucked up. No doubt.

We're alright!

auralorgasm:: Supergrass - Alright

My current favourite song. Fantastically written song that just about captures everything about youth. Lovely.

Anyway, just four more weeks to graduation, visas for Nepal in March is underway, money for Vietnam is coming in, hurrah!

Gonna sell off Monstar and get me a WR200 too haha.

Happening only :D

Wednesday, January 18, 2006


4 more weeks to graduation har har har. Can't wait.

After that, the army, then work, then marriage, kids, a sense of pride at the kid's graduation, and then death!

Falling into the routine is fun!


Wednesday, January 11, 2006


You're so emo, you're gay.

Dedicated to Jocelyn and Dom.


Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Milk Man

auralorgasm:: Frou Frou - Breathe In

Right now I feel a sense of loss I can't explain. I dunno.

Friday, January 06, 2006

Sine Qua Non

Life has never been so uneventful before. I will of course, regret ever making such a statement once the shit hits the fan (again) but for now, I'm quite happy just oodling along.

Money's definitely becoming an issue but I'm glad to say that I've won a battle against the summoners.

I meant the parking wardens i.e the evil creatures that desecrate the sanctity of your car/bike/wheelchair/trolley by leaving slips of paper (which demand that you pay money or go to court) on them and creeping off into the night.

I recently kena (I honestly have no idea how to explain the word 'kena') a $50 orh gong (read: fine/sah-mahn) for which I couldn't find a proper reason for. To cut a long story short, I wrote in complaining of the mysterious circumstances in which I was 'orh gonged' (read: fined/sah-mahned) and after an agonizing two day wait, I was rewarded!

For gloating purposes, I shall share with you a part of the email I have received:

4 We have looked into your appeal. In view of your explanation and
the circumstances of your case, we will arrange to waive the above Parking
Offence Notice G------P. However, we will not be able to accede to your
future request to waive summonses of similar offence(s).

Weird. I never requested for them to waive any future 'summonses of similar offence(s)'. But then again, now we know that the plural of the phrase
'kena summon ' (read: sah-mahn/fine) is actually 'kena summonses' (read: sah-mahn-sus/fines).

I love Singlish :D

Anyway, probably gonna go off-roading with Zul on sunday and probably attempt to take some pictures of crazy people on dirt-bikes flying off ramps and crashing into dirt when they fuck up. That is, if I manage to get up later. I'm tired. Zzzz.

Oh and my phone's fucked up so if you have been trying to call me and not succeeding, try messaging me. Would be getting a new phone but I've been procrastinating so uhm yeah.

K bye.

Sunday, January 01, 2006

Jet Black New Year

auralorgasm:: Thursday - Jet Black New Year (hur hur hur just felt like it.)

I slept through the dawning of 2006 and felt no different when I woke up half an hour into the new year. I must admit, I feel a bit disappointed that no meteorite smashed into Earth, nor did the Earth implode upon itself. I always had this little theory that since the Y2K end of the world shit missed us, it must be a couple of years late so all I had to do was to wait a few years for the world to end.

Alas, it was not to be this year.

This year was quite fucked up, a bit more so than the previous year, which in its turn was a bit worse than it's predecessor. God knows what it'll be like when I'm 40.

So hello to 2006 and I'll post another post like this in 2007.