Thursday, December 02, 2004

Just another somebody.

Watching Singapore Idol live was really quite an eye-opener. I never knew how much of a groupie the average Singaporean could be until tonight.

Taufik has won the battle but he'll still lose the war. Sylvester has got the potential to win a regional fan base while Taufik, sadly, has got little chance of winning anything. But I'm glad that talent and hardwork (no matter how little) has won the day.

I refuse to call anybody an idol. I'll never put so much trust in a person that I'll think that he/she's perfect, or almost perfect.

My industrial hurts. I've been tossing and turning too much lately while sleeping on account of my dreams and I've done the piercing an injury. It hurts like fuck.

3 days more to the end of ITP! Hurray.

I absolutely abhor it when people refuse to answer their calls just so that they can avoid responsibility. I also detest people coming to me when they need my help and who couldn't care less whenever I need theirs. I also hate people who avoid me just because.

Just checked my timetable again and there is still a 7 hour break in my thursday schedule and four 8am classes in a week. My fridays are still packed tight with a one hour break in the middle of a 9 hour day and I still have one 4 hour break and one 5 hour break on tuesdays and wednesdays respectively. This is just so wrong.

Surely by now I've finished up all the bad luck there is in the bag of karma and it's time for the good luck to come in. At least I hope so.

Sometimes I hate being so tactless, regretting the words as soon as they leave my mouth. But most times, since it's out anyway, I just barge straight on to make sure the damage is complete and not half-fucked.

And that's why I can't sleep at night sometimes.


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