Thursday, December 02, 2004


This is one of the few times when it's such a bitch not to have cable tv. I really want to catch The 4400. The concept is just so cool. 4400 missing persons all suddenly appear on a beach one day. I wonder how they're gonna pull that off.

I think I'll be getting a new discman and giving my old one to my sister. Either that or I'll get a new one for my sister and send the old one for repairs. Whaddafuck lah, both still need money. Gahhhhhhh.

Btw, didn't mention it in my previous post but the 'in' colour of brothels is no longer red. It's purple. Saw a whole row of purple brothels last night when walking through Geylang. Fuzz, I think that's a sign.

According to news reports, Taufik will not be going anywhere soon since World Idol's been cancelled while Sylvester will be having loads of fun and groupies as a Mandopop star since his career path has more or less been settled. I love it when I'm right about stuff. Oh yeahhhhhhhhhh.

Ah fuck both of them, the fame machine will spit them out soon enough.


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