Thursday, December 23, 2004

King Cheese.

Fuckin hell this is amazing. I just took a look through my old history textbook and found cheesy love poems which I wrote to an ex-girlfriend back in secondary school.

I don't even fuckin remember writing those. It's moderately amusing and so fucking goosebumping.

Just call me, King Cheese.

Kinda reminded me on why I hate writing poetry. Oh shite, my handwriting sucked really badly then too. Hardly any difference now but whaddaheck.

On a fucked up note, a pair have got back together and another one has broken up. I hate not knowing what to say or to do.

EH I REALLY GOT TO STOP SAYING AND TYPING 'FUCK'. It's getting really stupid and lame.

Note to self: Stop it you dick.

Note to note to self: Try ah.

Looking through my history book also reminded me of the times spent studying and choking down historical facts and dates for about 2 hours before finally giving up and going to play Counterstrike at the nearest LAN shop. Ahhh, those were the good ol' days when all that mattered was to have shitloads of fun. My best friends were dickheads and I was a moron so crazy things happened on a daily basis.

I didn't understand many things then, nor did I need to understand. Love was a foreign concept to me while fun was an old companion. It seems pretty much the opposite these days.

So much for the old days.


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