Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Eh read lah bodoh.

Eh you really damn amazing. Can peng wei until say I intimidate your friends? Wah lao eh fuck you lah. You dumb or what? In what capacity am I able intimidate your friends? I've got nothing to threaten them with. Your friends so weak ah? And please, it's not 'friends', it's 'friend'. SINGULAR.

Eh eh eh eh your own taiji lah. I cannot be bothered with your finger pointing. Yes, make me the central enemy.

But I'm the central enemy who reads George Orwell and therefore, knows what you're up to.

Saddest thing is, all your hard-earned respect from people have all gone down to shithole. Damn sad case lah you.

K lah give you chance, blame on me okay?

Yah ah I'm Singaporean. I speak singlish, and not with a fake american accent. Look at yourself in the mirror lah dickhead. You malay/chinese or white? Your japanese girlfriend forcing you to speak with american accent is it? You don't fake the accent she won't love you anymore ah? Hahahahhahahaha.

Damn loser sial you.


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